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Massage therapy

For your initial treatment, we will do a physical assessment and hands-on treatment. We will talk about and create your subsequent treatment plans and also about home care exercises to ensure the best therapy and outcome for you. 

Daniel Kram

At Edmonds Therapeutic and Sports Massage Clinic, our therapists are committed to keeping their techniques current by taking courses and ensuring that you get the best therapy possible!


Massage Therapy

We are recommended and referred by many happy clients and doctors. Set up an appointment with one of our experience therapists who will talk with you and ask you some questions in order to create a treatment plan specific to you and your needs.


At Edmonds we have over 20 years of  experience in the field of health care.


Because of today's lifestyles and the decline of purposeful activity, postural weakness is promoted causing the premature breakdown of the musculo-skeletal system. This leaves one susceptible to injury, reduced performance and prolonged recovery from injury.

Postural muscles activate faster than dynamic muscles. When postural muscles become weak and contracted, dynamic muscles cannot function properly and cannot be trained or strengthened effectively until the postural problem is corrected. This is why postural strength, correctness and function must be the first step in rehab.

The approach used at the Edmonds Therapeutic and Sports Massage Clinic is to provide manual therapies and exercises to restore the client to pain free functional movement.